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Bring the essence of the automotive world into the comfort of your home through stylish, minimalist designs that resonate with everyone. Constantly strive to produce powerful pieces of art that connect you and those around you to the thrill of your petrol-fuelled hobby.

A group of passionate petrolheads dedicated to creating stunning artistic representations of the cars we know and love.

Our design journey began with Industrial Design, where a profound appreciation for how things operate and how they were built fuelled our passion and development. We were captivated by the meticulous design and elegant forms that enveloped these machines. Our love for design and cars drove us to create Petrol-Heads Art. A business by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, capturing the automotive passions through digital illustration. 

  • I love what you do, can I get something customised?
    Yes! We enjoy creating bespoke work for our customers as we know it's the little details that count. Please contact us via the Bespoke page with your enquiries.
  • Can I track my order?
    Once we have received confirmation of your order, we will send you the necessary shipping details for your to track you delivery. Please be aware that tracking may not be available in some countries. There may also be delays/added costs for imports/customs inspections.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We ship all our products internationally. However, if you reach checkout and find that your address is not accepted, please do email us at and we will do our best to add your location to our store.
  • How will you ship my order?
    Our posters are sent out in protective cardboard tubes. Our caps are sent out in cardboard boxes to prevent crushing, and our clothing is sent out in plastic bags, which are then placed in courier delivery packages. All these methods are put in place to ensure a safe, secure means of delivery to your door. However, in the unfortunate event that a package arrives damaged, please refuse delivery and fill out any necessary damaged goods form the courier may ask you to fill out. This ensures the items come back to us for inspection.
  • How do I unpack my poster?
    Our unboxing instructions are as follows: Remove the end cap from the cardboard tube. Carefully slide the poster out from the packing tube. Do not force it otherwise you may damage the poster. Remove the protective sheets. Unroll the poster, lay it facedown on the protective sheet and place some heavy objects on the corners. Leave it overnight to flatten. Frame it and enjoy!
  • How can I pay?
    We accept most major credit cards. If you are running into problems get in contact with us at
  • Can I exchange an item rather than get a refund?
    Depending on the stock levels of the item you would like to exchange for and the condition of the product you have received we can usually help you exchange your product. If an item is damaged we offer up to $12.79 (100HKD) reimbursement for shipping costs. However, we do not cover the cost for items, which are not defective or damaged. For further details, please see our Returns Policy.
  • I received the wrong / a damaged item. What shall I do?
    If you received the wrong items, please inform us immediately via email with your order number and a photo of the wrong product. If your product arrives damaged please refuse delivery, pass it back to the delivery company and email us immediately. If you were unable to do this (for example if you were out when the item was delivered), or you could not see the item was damaged from the external packaging, please email us with photos showing the damage and the shipping label(s).


Thank you for submitting, we'll be in touch soon.

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